True Lit Writing and Poetry Workshops


Pitch Like a Pro to the Pros with Marilyn Collins

Monday, Oct. 29, 10am–noon

Join this fun and interactive workshop to learn the steps needed to research potential publishers, develop a presentation unique to you and your ideas, and avoid mistakes that may weaken your chances for success.


Tell Your Story: Exploring the Personal Essay with Elizabeth DeMeo

Saturday, Nov. 3, 1pm

Over the course of the workshop, participants will read personal essays from a diverse range of contemporary  essayists and discuss what makes them successful—focusing on the different types of organizational schemes in use.


How to Query a Novel with Marina Lostetter

Saturday, Nov. 3, 2pm

This interactive lecture on the basics of querying a novel will demonstrate how to identify suitable agents, how to compose a query letter, and how to follow up with query submissions. Please bring your partially completed novel or outline.


Open Mouth Poetry Workshop: Give Me Liberty or At Least My Own Tongue with Nabila Lovelace

Saturday, Nov. 3, 3pm

Poet Nabila Lovelace will guide students through reading, studying, and listening to contemporary and past femme voices and will examine how these women answered the call for silence with a gong, a shotgun, a praise song, and a claiming of their own tongue. Participants will attempt to do the same through writing prompts.